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Malaysia Signboard Design

Design your company signboard with modern lightings - The best way to advertising!

Kento Advertising - Malaysian Sign board design and signboard maker for Malaysian SME companies in Malaysia. Kento Advertising provides full range of sign board design services from design to making, installation to maintenance with quality good sign board design.

Make a variety of Sign boards design

At Kento Signage Advertising, we have wide range of sign boards such as LED sign boards, Light-box sign boards, 3D sign boards, and Digital LED sign boards. Kento has creatively make acrylic sign boards, stainless-steel sign boards, aluminium sign boards for office sign boards, shop sign boardscompany sign boards, mall sign boards for retail outlets, building sign boards, indoor sign boards to outdoor sign boards.


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Benefits of a Signboard for Businesses in Malaysia

One of the first things that Malaysian people notice when they pass by a store is its signboard. That’s why it is important to seek a specialized signboard maker in Malaysia to do the work for you so that your business will be able to attract higher prospective clients. A commercial signboard can either be neon signboard or 3D LED signboard and LED digital signage.

If you are operating or planning to start a business, one of the vital things to consider is the signboard design. A creative sign can help the business stand out from other businesses in the area. Customers are more likely to enter an establishment that they heard of, and the role of a good signboard is to plant the seed for sales in the future. 


A brand signboard serves as a silent salesperson for the business. Signs draw attention to the store and help it differentiate among other establishments on the same street. A good signage planner can also make multiple signages to help consumers find items they are looking for and lead to more sales, especially when made to feature special promos in Malaysian advertising campaign. Signs act as bridges between the companies and the consumers to connect well if you are to run a successful business in Malaysia. 

When pondering about outdoor signage design and fabrication, businesses can opt for building mounted or ground mounted. The latter can be made in various sizes and shapes and are often mounted near the street to attract the attention of motorists passing by. Building mounted signage is attached to the structure and used in areas that receive heavy foot traffic.

Signage/signboard design on multiple signage system is an important of a business’ marketing strategy. Incorporating the business’ logo in the sign can help reinforce the brand to consumers. Signboard can also be utilized to draw attention to the promos and give out information about the business. Exterior signage, whether it is LED sign or neon signboard/signage, is seen 24 hours a day that makes it a cost effective marketing tool. 

Retail shop and office signboard/signage are ideal for businesses with limited marketing budget. It is more cost-effective compared to other types of advertising, such as television, newspaper and radio. A sign can reach out to the most desired customers. It entices prospective customers to enter the store and discover the various products the store has to offer.

Signboard can also be effective when placed away from the store. Signs that are placed on the roadsides can give out a concise message to motorists. Signs placed on vehicles can also serve as a form of mobile advertising. Businesses can also pay other motorists to place signs on their cars for additional exposure.


Kento provides the complete signboard services in Malaysia. If you need to get some ideas of making your own signboard, kindly checkout under our signboard/signage design sample page on our website. Contact us today through email or telephone to consult about designing or making your signboard and learn how they you can help your business attract more customers with an effective signage system.


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Types of sign board design available:-


  • Light box / Non Light box Sign boards
  • LED lighting Sign boards
  • NEON lighting Sign boards
  • 3D Box-up Lettering Sign boards - ( Acrylic , Stainless steel , Plastic , Metal )
  • Zig Zag Sign boards
  • Restaurant Sign boards
  • Sign boards for retail shoplots and office buildings.
  • Other sign boards for Indoor and Outdoor


Build the Right First Impression with Kento Sign Malaysia

Tell the world about your business! Explore our wide range of unique and attractive Malaysia signage that will highlight your presence while promoting the identity and brand of your company!


Do you want to take your business to sophisticated levels of success? We provide revolutionary signage solutions that are primarily structured to provide you with a completely new way of improving your sales and marketing your business.

Communicate the professionalism, style, value as well as the overall presence of your business today! Take full advantage of our services and convey to your potential customers who you are, what you do and where you are.


Why Choose Us? 

We are different from any other sign makers in the industry today. Why? Because we provide more pre-sales value on consultation on conceptual, for marketing purpose and customer conversions with multi-signage instead of just fabricating on signages.

When you choose us, you can benefit from a wide range of exceptional services such as:

  • Consultation of Signage Concept
  • Design A Highly Attractive Signage
  • Fabrication of Quality Signage
  • Installation of Signage
  • Multi Signages System - Commercial, Corporations, Offices, Retails, Wayfinding and Public Icon Structures


We know exactly where to place the right signage or signboard in Malaysia where you can generate more attention from your audiences. Kento make high quality signages and offer fast responding on repairing signages and signboard maintenance for our clients in Malaysia. We professional and ethical, especially when it comes to advising our valued customers a wholesome system on sign branding or sign marketing instead of just making one ineffective sign.


We take your vision and use out unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise to deliver the most powerful and clearest visuals available – on time and within your budget. Get your message outside the world and inspire your targeted customers to take action!


Let Kento takes good care of your signage planning to raise the standard of your presentation ahead of your competitors!

If you want to take your business to higher levels of success, get some insights from some of our samples.

Signage Idea: Signboard Design Sample


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